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ALL JEEP with 1310 or 1330 Driveshafts

1310 CV Driveshaft Front/Rear ALL JEEP Models EXCEPT TJ Rubicon

GREASEABLE Centering Yoke - 1310 series

NON Greaseable Centering Yoke- 1310 series


REBUILD KIT - COMBO Greaseable/NON Greaseable 1310 Series

REBUILD KIT - ALL NON Greaseable 1310 Series


1330 Front CV Driveshaft JEEP TJ RUBICON ONLY

Greaseable Centering Yoke - 1330 fits TJ Rubicon

NON Greaseable Centering Yoke - OEM Replacement TJ Rubicon 03 to 06


REBUILD KIT - NON Greaseable OEM Replacement TJ Rubicon 03 to 06



Greasable or NON Greasable -- Which one is correct?

Let's take a moment to understand the design characteristics of a 1310 and 1330 series Jeep Double Cardan CV Driveshaft. There are two different styles of Double Cardan CV Driveshafts that you may find on your Jeep.  It doesn't matter if it is 1310 or 1330 series, factory installed original equipment or custom built aftermarket driveshaft.  GREASABLE and NON GREASABLE versions are what this is all about!

  • One version has a greasable ball socket in the CV centering yoke and the other version has a NON greasable ball socket in the CV centering yoke. 

Some have expressed a desire to use a "Greasable" CV centering yoke on a driveshaft that was originally designed for the "NON greasable" CV centering yoke.   This can be done if you are sure that you want to grease the ball socket regularly.   The myth or mystery in doing this is really simple to understand. 

Now this is very important....

  • IF your driveshaft was originally designed for the Greasable CV Centering yoke then you MUST always use the Greasable version when replacing the centering yoke.  The NON greaseable centering yoke will bind up on the CV Stud Yoke and you will not be able to re-assemble it.
  • IF your driveshaft was originally designed for the NON Greasable CV centering yoke then you have two is to use the Greasable and one is to use the NON Greasable.  The choice is yours. 
    • If you choose to go greasable then you do not need the rubber dust boot.  It will only get in the way and make it impossible to lube it correctly.

Now the big question is WHY do you want to change over from the NON Greasable to the Greasable? 

It appears that many people think that the NON Greasable is a "bad thing" and you automatically think that the greasable is better.  This may be true in some cases but for the person who is not into regular maintenance this can be a big mistake.  You should consider that you have gotten many years and 50,000 to 80,000 miles and MORE on that NON greasable CV driveshaft before requiring any service.   You never once greased it and it has served you well through some of the worst conditions. 

There is nothing wrong with NON greasable fact they can deliver the same and in most cases more trouble free miles than any greasable part.  This is exteremely helpful with off road vehicles that get into the mud and water regularly.

The greasable parts require lubrication regularly to keep them in good condition.  If you miss just one lube interval then you have lessened the life of those parts considerably.  Everyone who has ever lubed their driveline and steering parts has seen the water and dirt being forced out of the seals when pumping grease into the part.  The seals are soft and flexible and are designed to purge out the contaminants when grease is pumped in. 

The beauty of the NON greasable parts is that they are sealed so that the water and dirt stays out and the grease stays in.  You should also consider that you will need to buy a special adaptor to use on your grease gun to fit the "inverted" grease fitting and you should also consider that the CV is sometimes very hard to lube while in the Jeep. 

Now you know the pros and cons so that you can make an educated decision when ordering a centering yoke and universal joints.  Both styles are good and you can get long life out of either one of them.  Make the choice that is right for you and your type of driving. - © Copyright 2020-Present

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