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Denny's Driveshaft builds custom steel and aluminum driveshafts for your high performance car, street rod, race car, van, pick up or 4x4 truck

Spicer SELECT Parts at Denny's Driveshafts

Drivetrain Products from a Leader
in Drivetrain Performance

Every Spicer® Select aftermarket u-joint, strap kit, and center
bearing is Dana Spicer engineered to provide dependable performance.

When it comes to repairing or maintaining your vehicles, we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure high quality and product performance. In fact, all Spicer® Select commercial vehicle aftermarket drivetrain products by Dana Spicer are engineered to meet the unique needs of the aftermarket and are backed by a comprehensive, competitive warranty. And our service is unmatched anywhere.

Dana Spicer parts have always been the best choice!

Now with Spicer SELECT you have a lower cost alternative designed and manufactured by the same great industry leading name supplying the parts you need to get the job done right.


Spicer SELECT Universal Joints
Spicer SELECT U-Joint Part Number Series Style Meritor PN Neapco PN NewStar PN Spicer PN
 25-279X  1610  BP  CP279X  4-0279  S-7435  5-279X
 25-280X  1710  BP  C9280X  5-0280  S-2627  5-280X
 25-281X  1810  BP  CP281X  6-0281  S-9347  5-281X
 25-407X  1760  BP  CP176N  6-0407  S-6099  5-407X
 25-674X  1610  HR  CP674X  4-0674  S-C472  5-674X
 25-675X  1710  HR  CP675X  6-0675  S-C473  5-675X
 25-676X  1810  HR  CP676X  6-0676  S-C474  5-676X
 25-677X  1760  HR  CP 677X  6-0677  S-C475  5-677X



Spicer SELECT Strap Kits
Spicer SELECT Strap Kit Part Number Fits U-Joint Part Numbers Fits Series Meritor PN Neapco PN S&S Truck PN Spicer PN
 25-657018X 25-280X, 25-281X, 25-407X, 25-675X, 25-676X, 25-677X 1710/1760/1810 KT17SB 1-0046 S-A293 6.5-70-18X
 25-1707018X 25-SPL170-4X SPL170 170N-70-18X N170-70-08X S-D757 170-70-18X
 25-2507018X 25-SPL250-3X SPL250 250N-70-18X N250-70-08X S-D758 250-70-18X


Spicer SELECT Center Bearings
Spicer SELECT Center Bearing Part Number Series F-M PN Meritor PN Neapco PN NewStar PN Spicer PN
 25-210084-2X  1610  HB88509A CB10084-2X CN210084-2X S-7935 210084-2X
 25-210121-1X  1710  HB88510 CB210121-1X CN210121-1X S-1980 210121-1X
 25-210661-1X  1810  HB88512AHD CB210661-1X CN210661-1X S-7926 5003323
 25-210875-1X  1760/1810  HB88512ASHD CB210875-1X CN210875-1X S-B333 5003326 - © Copyright 2019-Present

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