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Denny's Driveshaft builds custom steel and aluminum driveshafts for your high performance car, street rod, race car, van, pick up or 4x4 truck

Nitrous Ready 1350 Series Driveshafts

Nitrous Ready 1350 Series Driveshafts

Denny's 1350 series Nitrous Ready Racing Driveshafts

Nitrous Ready ... Turbo Ready ... Supercharger Ready ... RACE READY !!!

  • This is our STRONGEST and BEST RACING DRIVESHAFT ... custom built specifically for the most SERIOUS STREET and RACING applications.
  • Denny's Nitrous Ready Driveshafts are the very best driveshaft choice when strength, reliability and smooth operation are your main concerns.
  • ALL DENNY'S DRIVESHAFTS are HIGH SPEED - HIGH RPM BALANCED and TESTED to be sure each driveshaft will run smoothly at your full rpm range and at all road and track speeds.  Our equipment can balance and test your driveshaft to 10,000 rpm.  This is priceless when it comes to customer satisfaction.
  • All DENNY'S NITROUS READY DRIVESHAFTS are welded on the latest state of the art computer controlled MIG welders by our trained and experienced staff for superior welds every time.
  • In the very unlikely event....If you ever twist the tube or break a weld.... Replacement is FREE!   Strength and Reliability you can count on...Start to Finish!

Denny's 3.5 inch Nitrous Ready Driveshaft 1350 series with Mark Williams 39015 chromoly slip yoke for 16 spline Lenco and Jerico Transmissions

1350 Series = Total Driveline Reliability

                ...with or without nitrous


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Nitrous Ready 1350 Series Driveshafts

With SONNAX Chromoly Slip Yoke

With Mark Williams Chromoly Slip Yoke


PRO Package Chromoly Slip Yoke and Pinion Yoke


Corvette rear axle half shafts


Mike Janis Pro Mod Race Car - Denny's Nitrous Ready Driveshafts
Denny's Nitrous Ready Driveshaft
Blown Fiat racing with a Denny's Nitrous Ready Driveshaft
Malibu wagon launching hard at the race track with a Denny's Nitrous Ready Driveshaft, photo courtesy of David Hilner Photography
Blown Camaro Pro Mod Racing with a Denny's Nitrous Ready Driveshaft

DENNY'S NITROUS READY is our STRONGEST and BEST DRIVESHAFT assembly. We call this one NITROUS READY because it was specifically designed to handle the massive power generated by using a single or multiple stage nitrous system, single or twin turbo or a supercharger. Denny's Driveshafts is the ORIGINAL manufacturer of the Nitrous Ready Driveshaft... not one of those so called copies that you will find out there with a similar name.  Beware of imitations!!!

Racers worldwide have proven the legendary benefits of this shaft in all out racing competition.  It’s at home on the street and at the race track.   You can choose from 3 inch, 3.5 inch tubing and they come complete with 1350 SERIES transmission slip yoke and 1350 SERIES solid body u-joints or we can build it with your own 1350 series slip yoke if you already have one but certain restrictions will apply.  Please ask when ordering your new driveshaft.

We build this shaft to do what it takes to keep it all together, especially if you are using Nitrous, a turbo or a supercharger along with a manual transmission or have a heavyweight vehicle.  This driveshaft will deliver the power to the rear end smoothly and reliably whether your racing is street outlaw or at the drag strip. 


Power adders are not the only reason for owning the best.  For those of you who require the ULTIMATE STRENGTH and RELIABILITY from your race car driveline ...THIS IS IT.

With this shaft you will be able to run with confidence knowing that it will deliver all that horsepower and torque to the rear end smoothly and efficiently without the worry of breakage or the loss of valuable time due to vibration.  Vibrations slow you down and destroy more parts than you can imagine. We all know that anything that vibrates is really annoying...especially on the street.

Built with the virtually indestructable 1350 series components for super long life and trouble free operation.  Also if you are planning on adding more horsepower or traction in the future this shaft is the best choice.  You won't need to buy another shaft later.

Each shaft is built with meticulous attention to detail. Each shaft is HIGH SPEED - HIGH RPM BALANCED then TESTED on special equipment capable of 10,000 rpm to be sure that it will run the rpm that you require. If it does not pass this test it doesn't get shipped out.  No guess work here...we know what it will do for you because of this final test.  That is why a DENNY'S DRIVESHAFT will perform BEST in your street outlaw or race car application.

All Denny's NITROUS READY racing driveshafts come with our FREE LIFETIME LABOR for most any maintenance or alterations needs. Please see the LIFETIME LABOR section for details.






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