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Denny's Driveshaft builds custom steel and aluminum driveshafts for your high performance car, street rod, race car, van, pick up or 4x4 truck

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Dennys Driveshafts - Free Lifetime Labor

Denny's Driveshafts Free Lifetime Labor

FREE LIFETIME LABOR.......Another reason why DENNY'S is #1

All driveshafts that we build are entitled to FREE LIFETIME LABOR to the original purchaser.

This is just another one of DENNY'S ways to make sure that your driveshaft is always in perfect condition.

We give you the very best product and the very best service for as long as you own it. Changing a transmission or a rear end can mean that the driveshaft will need to be altered. Or someday after you have put a good number of runs or miles through your universal joints you may want them changed just to "freshen up" the driveshaft as preventive maintenance. 

Or you may have been involved in an accident and would like the shaft checked out for damage.

The labor is FREE.

If no one other than DENNY'S works on your driveshaft, then in the most unlikely event that a problem should come up, you'll never hear the word "VOID" from us.

This really is a great deal and it doesn't cost you if you use it...but it can cost you if you don't. Think about it.  Call for details.  You can start using the Free Lifetime Labor exactly 180 days after the date that we shipped the order.   Please note that retubing, lengthening or shortening of a steel or aluminum driveshaft requiring cutting and welding at both ends is not covered by our Free Lifetime Labor policy.   If a repair or modification requires the replacement of both front and rear weld yokes then at that point you will need to purchase a complete new driveshaft.

Please note there are special restrictions for Aluminum Shafts...please call for details.

Also one very important point to remember is that the stickers that we put on the driveshaft when it was shipped must remain on the shaft and cannot be removed to receive any Free Lifetime Labor.

Please Call (716) 875-6640 for questions and pricing.

Here are a few examples of the Labor cost savings for our steel driveshaft customers

High Speed Balance....You SAVE $150.00  
Shortening and High Speed Balance....You SAVE $215.00  
Install new universal Joints...You SAVE $35.00 each  
Replace universals in CV Joint.....You SAVE $95.00  
Replace a spline, slip yoke, u-joints and High Speed Balance ....You SAVE $210.00  
Replace one tube yoke, u-joints and High Speed Balance...You SAVE $215.00

Please note there are special restrictions for Aluminum Shafts...please call for details.


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