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Denny's Driveshaft builds custom steel and aluminum driveshafts for your high performance car, street rod, race car, van, pick up or 4x4 truck

Driveshaft and Driveline Parts > Universal Joints > U-Joints BY SIZE > 1355 Series AAM U-Joint 3.622 X 3.622 - 1.188 outside snap ring


1355 series AAM Universal Joints for CHEVY, GMC and DODGE 2WD light trucks and 4x4 trucks.

  • 1355 series AAM Fits driveshafts made by American Axle ONLY.
    • 3.622 inches wide in both directions across bearing caps
    • All 4 bearing caps are 1.188 inch (1 3/16) diameter  
    • Designed for Outside snap ring style driveshaft yokes and also Locating Tab style pinion yokes, transmission yokes and  transfer case yokes
    • Commonly used in CHEVY,  GMC and Dodge light truck and diesel 4x4 driveshafts as well as many other vehicles.

IMPORTANT... READ THIS: The 1355 series AAM universal joint is just .003 NARROWER than the Spicer 1350 series. The bearing cap diameter is exactly the same for both. The two are not interchangeable and great care should be taken to be sure of the manufacturer of your driveshaft before ordering and installing any universal joints. You MUST look for any labels or identifying marks on the driveshaft before you make a mistake. Look for the AAM logo or SPICER logo on the driveshaft or any of its component parts. Unfortunately Chevy, GMC and DODGE have used both the DANA SPICER Driveshafts and also the AAM Driveshafts in the same year vehicles. This can be very confusing so identifying the brand of your driveshaft is more important than ever before you order or install a universal joint. You can cause expensive damage if you make a mistake.


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1355 Series AAM U-Joint 3.622 X 3.622 - 1.188 outside snap ring

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