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Denny's Driveshaft builds custom steel and aluminum driveshafts for your high performance car, street rod, race car, van, pick up or 4x4 truck


Denny's 4x4 Truck Driveshafts

Denny's 4WD and 2WD Truck Driveshafts 

  • Only the best at DENNY'S DRIVESHAFTS.

  • All driveshafts are NEW....NOT rebuilt or remanufactured and NO CORE REQUIRED.

Available in 1310, 1330, 1350, 1410 GM 3R, DODGE 7260 and 7290 Series. Custom built in any style for any domestic application. Replace that worn out light duty OEM driveshaft with any one of our Heavy Duty Replacement units to restore your driveline to better than new condition. 


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CV Driveshafts

Spline and Slip Driveshafts 2WD and 4WD

2WD Driveshafts with Transmission Slip yoke

Front Driveshaft for GM with Autotrac Transfer Case

Rear Driveshafts with Transfer Case Slip Yoke


Big tires, lots of horsepower, a field full of we're having fun...Right?    Well maybe not... if something breaks.

DENNY'S can build you a FRONT or REAR driveshaft that will handle the abuse.

CV Joints, splines, slip yokes and heavy duty u-joints in 1310, 1330, 1350 1410 and GM 3R SERIES are no problem for most any application.

Check out the SUPERIOR strength of 1350 series and you'll know it is worth owning for the most demanding applications and also for anybody who just wants the best.

We have a large variety of Transmission & Transfer Case Slip Yokes and Pinion Yokes to complete the job.

If upgrading to a stronger or more reliable unit in any series is what you need....give us a call.

Now you can have the same quality and strength that drag racers all over the world rely on.

Who else but DENNY'S is crazy enough to tell you "IF YOU CAN POSSIBLY TWIST OUR TUBING OR BREAK OUR WELDS...WE'LL REPLACE IT FREE" ? Why wait until it could cost you more when it does.  


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