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Denny's Driveshaft builds custom steel and aluminum driveshafts for your high performance car, street rod, race car, van, pick up or 4x4 truck

Street Rod HD Driveshafts

Street Rod HD Driveshafts
Heavy Duty Driveshafts

Street Rod HD Driveshafts

Great for Street Rods, Muscle Cars and Race Cars

  • Street Rod HD Stage 1 may be used in vehicles with up to 500 engine horsepower weighing 3700 pounds or less
  • Street Rod HD Stage 2 may be used in vehicles with up to 700 engine horsepower weighing 3700 pounds or less

If you have more weight and/or more power please consider our 1350 Series Nitrous Ready Driveshafts

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These are just a few of the many variations that we can build in our Street Rod HD Line of Driveshafts

Denny's Heavy Duty Driveshaft
Denny's Heavy Duty Driveshaft
Denny's Heavy Duty DriveshaftDenny's Heavy Duty Driveshaft
Denny's Heavy Duty DriveshaftDenny's Heavy Duty Driveshaft
Denny's Heavy Duty DriveshaftDenny's Heavy Duty Driveshaft
Denny's Heavy Duty Driveshaft

DENNY'S Street Rod HD is our MOST POPULAR driveshaft assembly. We have more of our Street Rod HD driveshafts out there in more types of cars and trucks than all the other versions combined.

The main reason is that you get the strength and reliability you need at a price you can afford. Smooth vibration free performance is what you can expect throughout your full rpm range.

With our Street Rod HD line we can connect just about any transmission to just about any rear end. And best of all, it is capable of handling the punishment of high performance street use and drag race applications.

In most cases we can connect this shaft to your existing transmission slip yoke and rear end pinion yoke or we can provide you with the entire package for a quick and inexpensive upgrade to your light duty OEM driveshaft.    A perfect choice for most applications.

Comes with Spicer solid body non greaseable maintenance free u-joints. These are the best choice over a greaseable joint when strength is a consideration. Ideal for STREET RODS where the messy grease splatter from a greaseable type u-joint is not desirable. These joints deliver high mileage with virtually no maintenance.

We stand behind all of our Street Rod HD remember "IF YOU  EVER TWIST OUR TUBING OR BREAK OUR WELDS...WE'LL REPLACE IT FREE!!!  That's the kind of quality and confidence you
won't find elsewhere

Each shaft is built with meticulous attention to detail. Each shaft is HIGH SPEED - HIGH RPM BALANCED then TESTED on special equipment to be sure it will run the rpm that you require. If it does not pass this test it doesn't get shipped out. No guess work here...we know it will run smooth for you because of this final test. That is why a DENNY'S DRIVESHAFT will perform BEST in your application.

All Street Rod HD shafts come with our FREE LIFETIME LABOR for any maintenance or alterations needs. Click Here for details.





  Want to upgrade from 1310 to the larger and stronger 1330 u-joint series


Then all you need to do is tell us you want to upgrade and we’ll do the rest !!!

We have a large variety of Transmission Slip Yokes and Pinion Yokes to upgrade all the most popular applications and even some not so popular ones too!

Just click on the Transmission Slip Yokes or Pinion Yokes to see the list of items available and if you don’t see yours just call and ask us...we’ll probably have it anyway!

  Want to upgrade from 1310 or 1330 to the SUPER STRONG 1350 u-joint series?
    Then see our NITROUS READY Driveshafts for the ultimate strength and reliability



1969 Camaro using a Denny's Heavy Duty Driveshaft



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