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Denny's Driveshaft builds custom steel and aluminum driveshafts for your high performance car, street rod, race car, van, pick up or 4x4 truck

Camaro Driveshaft Universal Joints 1967 - 2002

Denny's Driveshafts offer a variety of Chevrolet Camaro Driveshaft U-Joints for all model years from 1967 to 2002.  The typical early 1st generation Camaro driveshaft was usually a 1310 series Spicer 5-153X.  During the 70's they switched to the Spicer 5-3147X GM 3R series and both sizes carried on to the end of Camaro production in 2002.   Keep in mind that your Camaro may have any combination of u-joint sizes so please don't assume anything.  Please measure your u-joint width before ordering. 

To help you to understand the "series" designation keep in mind that the 1310 series Spicer 5-153X u-joint will be 3.219 inches wide cap to cap and the 1330 series Spicer 5-213X u-joint will be 3.625 inches wide cap to cap.  Both will have a 1.062 inch bearing cap diameter and both use outside snap rings to hold the u-joint in place. 

The GM 3R series Spicer 5-3147X is 3.625 inches wide cap to cap but the most important dimension is the lockup dimension of 2.556 inches for the "C" clip grooves in the 1.125 inch caps. This u-joint uses INSIDE "C" clips to lock the caps into place in the yokes.  Your original equipment universal joints were held in place by injected plastic.  Replacement u-joints will always be INSIDE "C" Clips whenever you find this.  Sometimes the 3R series is called Saginaw, S44 and AAM 1344 but they are all the same size just different names.

Greaseable and non greaseable universal joint versions are available.  Our high mileage maintenance free Spicer universal joints are the best choice for long life and absolutely no greasy mess under that beautifully restored Camaro.   Denny's also carries the various "combination" u-joints, "conversion" or as some people call them "bastard joints" that allow you to connect mismatched driveline components.

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OUTSIDE Snap Ring U-Joints

1310 series 3.219 x 1.062

1330 series 3.625 x 1.062

1350 series 3.625 x 1.188


GM 3R series 2.556 x 1.125


1310 to 1330 U-Joints

1310 to 1350 U-Joints

1310 to 3R U-Joints

1330 to 3R U-Joints

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