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Denny's Driveshaft builds custom steel and aluminum driveshafts for your high performance car, street rod, race car, van, pick up or 4x4 truck

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Chevy and GM 8.5 inch 10 Bolt Rear End Pinion Yokes ...30 Spline

Denny's Driveshafts stocks the Chevy and GM Corporate 8.5 inch 10 Bolt rear end pinion yokes in a variety of u-joint series in the 30 spline version. 

The 8.5 inch 10 Bolt  rear ends can be found in just about any Chevy and GM car or light truck.  Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Buick and Pontiac enthusiasts around the world have used the 8.5 inch 10 Bolt  rear end in countless street and race car applications.  

The original equipment u-joint size was either 1310 or GM 3R series.  The 1310 series is commonly known as the "small" u-joint and the 3R series is known as the "large" u-joint.  Both of these can be found on the Chevy and GM Corporate 8.5 inch 10 Bolt rears. 

The original equipment hardware used to hold the u-joint into the pinion yoke was comprised of either two 5/16 inch u-bolts or 4 bolts and 2 metal straps.  Both styles were used on original equipment applications. 

We can supply both the 1310 series and 3R series in the original equipment u-bolt style or strap and bolt style and we also have the 3R Chrome Moly u-bolt syle and the 1350 series Forged and Chrome Moly pinion yoke in the u-bolt style, a much stronger way to go.  There is also a Spicer cast 1350 series strap and bolt style available for those on a budget.

The ultimate in strength and reliability is the infamous 1350 series.  The Chevy and GM 8.5 inch 10 Bolt  30 spline pinion can now benefit from the simple installation of a 1350 series pinion yoke.   

Chevy & GM 8.5 inch 10 Bolt 30 splines

Fits 3 7/32 by 1 1/16 U-Joint - 1310 Series

Fits 3 5/8 by 1 3/16 U-Joint - 1350 Series

Fits 2 9/16 by 1 1/8 U-Joint - Inside clips - GM 3R Series

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