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Fits all DODGE 7290 SERIES Pinion Yokes
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Dodge 7290 Series Strap & Bolt Set.  Fits all 7290 series Mopar pinion yokes.

 Comes complete with (2) Steel Straps and (4) bolts.

Fits all DODGE 7290 SERIES Pinion Yokes
YOUR COST:  $8.20

DODGE 7290 Series Strap & Bolt Set complete with (2) Steel Straps and (4) bolts.

Strap and Bolt Set fits all DODGE, Chrysler, Plymouth, Mopar 7290 series pinion yokes. 


Be sure to replace your existing strap and bolt set to eliminate the chance of the u-joint cap rotating in the pinion yoke and permanently damaging it.  When this happens the damage to the pinion yoke usaully allows the universal joint to move from side to side within the yoke and the resulting looseness will surely cause a nagging vibration. The strap is designed to conform to the shape of the universal joint bearing cap when the bolts are tightened to the proper torque spec and is also designed to apply the proper amount of pressure to hold the bearing cap from rotating within the yoke.  Reusing the straps many times will lessen their ability to apply the right holding pressure....this is why you should replace's much cheaper and easier to replace than a new pinion yoke.

  • Strap & Bolt Set comes with (2) steel straps and (4) bolts
  • Fits all DODGE MOPAR 7290 series strap and bolt style pinion yokes.   7290 series is commonly known as the "Large" Chrysler u-joint.

Fits all DODGE 7290 SERIES Pinion Yokes


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